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Adeguimar Arantes


The privilege of living with art started in the childhood of the designer, thanks to the loving and attentive conviviality with the father, a fine metal craftsman .“ My first artistic rehearsals began fifty-two years ago, in the form of jokes experienced in this environment supervised by my master. In youth, I understood what kind of professional I would like to be and focused my studies only on jewerly, which made me able to achieve a stable position on the jewelry market. The strength of this experience served as an incentive for my career. ”

An Adeguimar Arantes jewel is the result of, at least two years of concept creation, image research and individually registered projects. Each item is totally produced in Brazil and none of them get out of the studio without the artist’s direct participation. Some jewels need from four to six months from conceptualization to the finishing touches. Each ring, bracelet, and earring has a story and gains a soul from the moment this small work of art is signed by the designer. That singular experience enables the client to possess a unique , unrepeatable jewel.

The unrelenting nature of the artist made her a pioneer on many fronts. Adeguimar Arantes was the first designer to use and advertise recycled metals, the first to have a pop store inside an thrift store in São Paulo and the only one to create a jewelry leasing system in Brazil, thrift store

If creativity has an explanation, it perhaps is in a small word of great meaning: affection. In the same way she loves her occupation, she loves people and causes.

From powerful sensibility and loving observation, the artist gets the synthesis of her contemporaneous work. “I have invested years in the search of my best result to this date, a valuable but liquid-free jewel.” It’s her way to fight the growing violence. “I can only think of my art as a way to promote good, be it for the one who wears the jewel or to the one who looks at it.”

Adeguimar Arantes

Jeweler since 1985 Jewelry designer since 1990


Graduated by Goiás Gemological Center Courses: Jewelry, Jewelry Design and History of Jewelry


Award Top 100 Craftwork in Jewelry, 2006/2008 + 2009/2011 + 2012/2014 SEBRAE Entrepreneur Woman Award (GO), 2006. SEBRAE-GO


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